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Paula Curtis-Burn

Certified Oracle Guide & Coach

EFT/Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting
910-713-5090 • pcurtisburn@ec.rr.com

Paula guides clients using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping). Tapping moves and balances energy in the body while allowing the client to clear past memories, limiting beliefs and negative emotions.  Paula is a retired board certified Hospital Chaplin with training in pastoral counseling and death and dying, also serving as a Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator.

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Jennifer Charron

Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner EEM-CP, Reiki Master, 13th Octave LaHoChi Certified Practitioner, Life Line Ignite, Astrologer             910-200-8145 ThrivingVibeswithJC@gmail.com

Jen is passionate about learning and sharing insights and knowledge into how our body is designed to heal itself. “I am thrilled to help others learn how to achieve and maintain energetic balance, invigorating body, mind, and spirit. Let us strive to thrive together”!


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Rondelle Fischmann

Manual Therapist:  Craniosacral, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, Cranial Fluid Dynamics

860-614-4204    rondelle1@att.net

We are organic beings who are designed to move fluidly and freely.  Physical, emotional and spiritual traumas are  inevitably part of our personal history, and are ultimately stored in our bodies.  These traumas are capable of accumulating into patterns of tension and misalignment in our systems, and are often the sources of pain, depression and limited functional mobility.  Rondelle uses of a variety of gentle, specialized hands-on techniques, combined with imagery and Soul Process work, to address these traumas, foster true healing, and assist the body back into a state of balance or homeostasis. 

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Chris Gordon

Celestial Healing Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher
910-232-4413 • celestialhealing14@yahoo.com

Chris is also a Shaman, Cleric, certified in Healing Touch and Animal Reiki. She uses integrated techinques to help the body relax and heal in a positive natural way; body and spirit healing with love and gratitude.

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Cathy Johnston

Co-Owner, Hearts & Sol Wellness, Inc.                                                        CLP, LMBT #1620
Massage Therapy & LifeLine Technique
910-228-1035 • caribbeansol@me.com

Cathy is co-founder and co-owner of Hearts & Sol Wellness, Inc.  Along with her business partner, Sharon Faw Martin. She is a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist and been involved as an educator in Mass and Bodywork over her career as a massage therapist.

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Diana Johnson

Integrated Bodywork Therapist, Healing Touch, Raindrop Technique, Yoga for Restoration
540-846-2418 • dianajohnsonb@gmail.com

Diana’s passion for supporting people in their journey of wellness has led her to integrate bodywork combining energy medicine with yoga therapy and aromatherapy. Diana is also a Young Living oil’s distributor and educator.

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Cindy Karas

Certified: EEM-CP, QCE-I, RMP-III, Eden Energy, Reiki, Quantum Crystalline Energy, Acupressure, Sound, Crystals and Oils
Visit: www.vitalenergymedicine.com

Cindy’s private sessions offer a unique fusion blending the modalities of Energy Healing that she has cultivated over 35 years. Together these combinations are how Cindy achieves balance and a harmonized flow of energy within and around the body. Sessions are personalized and based on the needs of each individual client, as each body is unique and constantly changing. Her calmness, intuitiveness, kind heart and years of experience promote a safe, nurturing and healing environment.

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Sharon Faw Martin

Co-Owner, Hearts & Sol Wellness, Inc.                                                         CLP, LMBT #3279,
NCBTMB Approved Provider #1515
LifeLine Technique, Chromotherapy, Massage Therapy, ASEA Director 700
704-905-9535 • swfaw@aol.com

Sharon’s passion is to help individuals create optimal health and wellness… body, mind, and spirit.  Sharon is co-founder and co-owner of Hearts & Sol Wellness.  For two decades, she has served hundreds of clients as a Certified LifeLine Practitioner, a Certified LifeLine Ignite Instructor, a LifeLine Business Coach, and a North Carolina licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist.  As an NCBTMB Approved Provider, Sharon teaches continuing education classes for massage therapists at Hearts & Sol Wellness. She is a Director 700 for ASEA REDOX, a breakthrough technology, supplementing for optimal cellular health, hosting regular community educational opportunities.  Additionally, Sharon offers Chromotherapy for Chakra Stimulus, a multi sensory experience incorporating colored light therapy, tuning forks, essential oils, and guided meditation.

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Rhonda Purvis

Certified LifeLine Practitioner
704-451-5580 • rpurvis1@carolina.rr.com

The lifeline technique is a way to dialogue with the subconscious mind. If you’ve been doing the same things, the same way, getting the same old results and want a jump start- see me. Our subconscious mind is 90% of our operating system teaching us what emotions are in motion, giving us the opportunity to achieve sustainable change. Observation changes everything. Rewriting our scripts, overriding old programs by choosing to live life intentionally, allows us to delete old files that no longer serve, so we can become the next greatest versions of our self. We can respond as opposed to react once we are aware of unprocessed emotions operating subconsciously. Ready to go spelunking ?   

I’ve been on the receiving end of full on lifelines for 10 years and the benefits of “unpacking my baggage”, by courageously feeling, or processing subconscious patterns of emotion, has afforded me the opportunity to get a handle on and manage asthma and to lose over 50 lbs. So fast forward – if it’s good-more is better! -I jumped in and did the deep dive to become a Certified Lifeline Practitioner. I’m thrilled and honored to facilitate sessions for my fellow seekers, to unwrap the opportunity for others to embody their true hearts desire, to show up differently, to dream differently. I invite you to call with any questions or to jump on into the deep water by making an appointment to experience a Lifeline session with me.

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Julie Vanderpool

Southern Saltitude

 704.942.1182  www.southernsaltitude.com

Southern Saltitude is the realization of a dream of Julie’s to work in a holistic environment, serving and helping people.

Halotherapy, also known as dry Salt Therapy, is a holistic approach that mimics the micro climate of a salt cave. Halotherapy is a complete detox of your lungs and skin. Dry salt air is dispersed into an enclosed environment, in this case our booth, by a Halogenerator. Salt absorbs and removes the allergens, toxins and foreign substances in your lungs and sinuses while you relax in the booth and breathe. Salt also reduces any inflammation and opens airway passages making easier to breath. Halotherapy, is a holistic, drug free, natural therapy and promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness and endurance and overall wellness.

Julie is passionate about sharing alternative and complimentary healing modalities with others. It is her intention, though this unique delivery of Halotherapy combined with mindfulness, gratitude and other offerings, to provide her clients with the opportunity to experience these what these practices can do for them.

In addition to providing Halotherapy services, Julie is certified in the following:
Life Line Ignite
Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator
Reiki Level 1 Practitioner

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Owner, Kristel Webb

910-547-9641  keylime@ec.rr.com 

I believe there are many ways to heal ourselves on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. By working with crystals, gemstones, essential oils, and CBD products we are able to make positive changes in our lives. I invite you to stop in and look around.

HOURS:  Monday – Friday 10AM to 4PM 

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Des Yeager

Firefly & Rose

408-761-4533   www.fireflyandrose.com

Des Yeager is a licensed Esthetician who graduated from San Jose City College Esthetics program. Suffering from skin sensitivities her whole life lead her down the road to becoming the skin care professional she is today. She understands from first-hand experience how frustrating it can be to have unresolved skin issues. She is now using the skills she acquired from her previous job as a medical trainer along with her current experience and knowledge in the skin care industry to help treat and educate her clients.

Des is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils. Reiki and the use of essential oils proved useful in helping her better deal with her own chronic health condition. She felt her experience and newfound knowledge in natural healing could help to improve the quality of life for others. Des completed her Reiki Master Certification and began offering Reiki sessions incorporating natural essential oils to her skin care clients as well to others. Des feels she has truly found her calling and is honored and thankful to be given the opportunity to help so many on their own healing journey.

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