Heart and Sol Wellness

Angie Azur

PhD Researcher; Life and Spiritual Coaching

Angie Azur is a Ph.D. researcher in the field of Ancient Wisdom and Healing Arts. Her roots run deep within the land, and she honors all of her ancestors by practicing and sharing a combination of healing techniques. She mentors and facilitates individuals and couples in boundary work, womb healing, sacred unions, shadow integration, Jungian dream analysis, art healing, Reiki, symbolism, wedding blessings, yoga, and meditation.

Angie’s specialization is working with the physical and energy bodies through breathwork, meditation, physical movement practices, and artistic healing methods. Her deep focus is on heart-opening and expansion of inner and outer human connection. She is a devoted member of the Sisterhood of the Rose. She guides Red Tent healing retreats as well as Women’s Growth Circles. You can find out more about her on her website WholeHumanHealthy.com or Instagram @WholeHumanHealthy

Art Heals

Art heals on multiple levels in the human 3D body and Energetic Body. When you are creating art, any art, your actual body physiology and emotional attitude shifts to a more open, compassionate, and loving vibration. You move from stress to deep relaxation and oneness. Your brainwaves change, your stress response lowers, and your hormones start to balance.

You are born to create – let’s explore this together in this intro to Art as Healer.

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