Heart and Sol Wellness

Des Yeager

Des Yeager is a licensed Esthetician who graduated from San Jose City College Esthetics program. Suffering from skin sensitivities her whole life lead her down the road to becoming the skin care professional she is today. She understands from first-hand experience how frustrating it can be to have unresolved skin issues. She is now using the skills she acquired from her previous job as a medical trainer along with her current experience and knowledge in the skin care industry to help treat and educate her clients.

Des is also a Reiki Master Teacher and Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils. Reiki and the use of essential oils proved useful in helping her better deal with her own chronic health condition. She felt her experience and newfound knowledge in natural healing could help to improve the quality of life for others. Des completed her Reiki Master Certification and began offering Reiki sessions incorporating natural essential oils to her skin care clients as well to others. Des feels she has truly found her calling and is honored and thankful to be given the opportunity to help so many on their own healing journey.