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CANCELLED: Heal & Blossom with the Arts


Angie Azur | Holistic Healer | WholeHumanHealthy.com @ Hearts & Sol Wellness

200 Country Club Dr. Oak Island, NC 28465. 910-228-1035
Please email Angie at angie@wholehumanhealthy.com or Call 415-858-4442 to register.

Heal & Blossom with the Arts

Date: 5 Week Cycles starting June 16, 23, 30, July 7 & 14 
Time: 10:00AM – 1:00PM 
Workshop Fee: $250 | Drop-in: $70 per session 
(Note: I do cap classes around 12. Please check for space before you drop in.) 

OVERVIEW: With gentle artistic guidance and loving-kindness, we enter a Sacred Space together for healing and growth. Blending ancient healing ways – Meditation, Reiki, Archetypal Symbolism, Somatic Awareness, Chakra Opening Body Movements, Boundary Work, Automatic Writing, and Intuition awaken the unconscious and allow the Soul to whisper to the page. 


1. Create a safe space to explore our shadow, hidden pains, and fears, ever-expanding into light, curiosity, inspiration, and joy. 

2. Connection to ourselves in others in a loving and supportive community.

3. Break through physical, emotional, energetic barriers and blocks and learn to build healthy boundaries. 

4. Trust the artistic process, play with creativity, and open to all possibilities of the Soul.

5. To gain self-awareness, self-reflection, and personal insight with the help of artistic expression and a caring community. 

What a Typical 3-hour Class Looks Like: We come together in Sacred Circle. In the center, there will be a bowl of items to choose from for inspiration. We begin with a talking-stick share of one to two minutes voicing where you are emotionally or physically and what you are bringing to the healing space today. I will lead a meditation, followed by reading insights from a quote, poetry, or book (20-minutes). Next, we engage in gentle movements with light music as we choose our art supplies. The music will play throughout the art expression timeframe of 2-hours. I will be checking in with you and also creating alongside you. A bell will ring to begin our cleanup (10-minutes). Come back together in Sacred Circle for gentle shares and inspiration from each other’s art (30-minutes). Express our gratitude and take our artwork home for additional interior work – journaling as feelings arise from your art.

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