Heart and Sol Wellness

Paula Curtis Burns


My name is Paula Curtis-Burn 

I am an Energist 

I work with your Energy Body or Energy System 

My mission is to give you the tools to be happy no matter what  your past has held. 

We are in a time of great negativity right now. Fear, anxiety, hate,  and woundedness, are swirling all around us and we are not  immune to those energies in daily life. The future seems  uncertain and instinctively we know life going forward will look  different from the past. Those who believe we create our own  reality by the choices we make, question what impact we can  have on the woes of the larger world. 

Our individual and collective happiness is super important.  Happiness is generated by our energy body. We are made of  energy and yet so few know about or understand their energy  body and how to nurture and care for it. Yet it is the essential  foundation of health, energy and positive emotions on the  physical plane. 

When the energy body is well, we feel happy, enjoy life, solve  problems creatively, have a strong immune system and lift the  spirits of others by radiating out love and joy. But when the  energy body is not well, we experience a range of negative  emotions. We are not happy or at ease. We get annoyed and  angry with other people. It is hard to make good decisions or do  anything creative. Our compromised immune system is open to  the possibility of illness. Others around us pick up on and are  influenced by the negativity we radiate out from our center.

Every part of our physical body has a corresponding part in the  energy boy. For example, we have a physical brain and an energy  mind who is wise knowing what our energy body needs. We  have a physical heart and our energy heart is the nuclear  generator of love and gratitude. We have two hands and our  energy hands help us heal the emotional pain. The physical body  feels physical pain.But emotions are the sixth sense giving us  information about the state of the energy body. EMOTIONS ARE  ONLY ENERGY. We are able to show with our energy hands  where the flow of energy is blocked or stuck in the body. 

We can liken our energy system to a battery just like a car or  cellphone. When the battery is low, the car or phone can’t work  well or at all. It the battery is fully charged, it is ready to go to  serve you. 

As an Energist my job is to: 

  • Teach you about your energy body and how to assess the  charge in your energy system in any given moment. Train you in easy-to-use tools to eliminate the negative  emotional states, no matter their origin, without having to relive  painful or traumatic experiences. 
  • Show how to charge you energy system batteries so you  operate on all cylinders in your daily life with a fully charges  battery. 

MY TOOLBOX for doing the job includes; 

  • The Modern Energy Chart – a new and unique way to  understand yourself and others 
  • The use of Oracle Cards to get information from Spirit, guides,  your Higher Self and the Conscious Universe. 
  • EMO or Energy In Motion to clear stuck emotions without  reliving pain or trauma 
  • Positive Energy Tapping To charge the energy system  batteries. 
  • Suppor and coaching for a happier self.

I work with one to one clients in person and on Zoom. Periodically I teach workshops live at Hearts & Sol or on Zoom. 

You can find me: 

On Facebook at oracle wisdom living 

 At my website: oraclewisdomliving.com 

Or contact me: 

By texting a message to my cell phone at 910-713-5090  Sending me a message on Facebook Messenger at Paula  Curtis-Burn