Heart and Sol Wellness

Rhonda Purvis

The lifeline technique is basically a way to process pain, fear or stress, by creating a dialogue with our subconscious, reactive  mind. Its a way to get out of our own way, if you will – to choose again – to either  reclaim lost power locked  and blocked in shadow or to access power grids  we have never accessed before. We do this by hacking the subconscious mind and replacing  old programs, old operating systems that no longer serve, with the powerful replacement of conscious intention.

We literally raise vibration with the power of love and compassion. Compassion for older parts of ourselves that are ready to change and evolve.

The lifeLine technique is experiential, mind medicine;incorporating aspects of 14 science and philosophy based healing modalities into one, living, unified system.

Working with the subconscious requires both courage and gentleness. Courage to suspend judgment and control and a gentleness that is able to relinquish perfectionism. We delve into the subconscious mind to activate emotional, and therefore physical, self healing.