Heart and Sol Wellness

Rondelle Fischmann

My philosophy:

We are organic beings who are designed to move fluidly and freely.  Physical, emotional and spiritual traumas are inevitably part of our personal history, and are ultimately stored in our bodies.  Until we bring awareness to where these traumas have left imprints, and utilize bodywork to release them from our tissues, they are capable of accumulating into patterns of tension and misalignment in our systems, and are often the sources of pain, depression and limitations in our  functional mobility.  

How I practice:

I practice as a Manual Therapist.  Manual Therapy moves beyond the scope of  single modality intervention in that it incorporates use of a variety of hands-on, gentle techniques, to assist the body back into a state of balance or homeostasis, working at the levels and layers where imbalance exists.  Different systems of the body require different approaches and specialized handling.

I have been honing my bodywork and processing skills over the past 30 years.  I work with your goals and intentions for healing, I assess imbalance in the body, and I utilize techniques most suited for your individual needs (including guided imagery and Soul-Oriented process work).  I believe in accessing your own Divine Guidance and your own Soul’s Wisdom to guide the work, and to help you attain lasting healing. 

My goal is Whole-Being health and wellness.  
My mission is to help you reclaim your Original Essence.

Bodywork Techniques

I use a variety of manual therapy techniques, but the following 3 are the ones I will most typically utilize in sessions:

Myofascial Release

Fascia is a netting or webbing that envelops every cell in the body.  Depending upon the structures or tissues that the fascia is enveloping as a whole, it has different and necessary characteristics, such as providing  added protection or keeping structures in place. I utilize Myofascial Release to gently and easily help to release patterns of tangled or restricted fascial tracks.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle technique that addresses  and helps to release restriction deep to the fascia around the brain and spinal cord, known as the dura.  The dura envelops cerebrospinal fluid  which coats the brain, spinal cord and nerve roots.  This fluid should be free-flowing.  Often, if there is torqueing, restriction or inflammation in or around the dura, it can translate into headaches, nerve pain (radicular symptoms), or neck and back pain.


Think of acupressure like acupuncture, but using finger pressure instead of needles.  I use gentle directed finger pressure to points along ancient meridian patterns to stimulate the flow of energy connected to these patterns.  The flow patterns I utilize have been developed by Dr. Aminah Raheem-Smith, and have been created to support the Whole-Being Wellness model, incorporating principles of the 5 Elements, addressing pain patterning, and connecting to Soul or Source.