Heart and Sol Wellness


Heart & Sol Wellness Inc is hosting an Aura Photo day for you on Thursday, November 11th from 10-4. The session cost is $35.00.

Small groups are welcome. Walk-ins are encouraged. If you require a specific appointment time please email Sharon Faw at swfaw@aol.com.

An Aura experience will show you your Chakra and Aura frequency energies in real-time. The live feed plays out your energies in full color, then you will receive a printed scan pic, and encouraging discussion, and a multiple-page system-generated report as an email.

My name is Sondra Lambert, it is my honor to be your Aura Photographer. I have the privilege of traveling around America showing people their energetic signature in living color while looking them in the eye telling them from heart to heart that our world is a better place with them in it. I am a professional encourager and very good at my job. I am a survivor and a thriver of a severe spinal cord injury, I am the Sondra version of the man. As long as I keep moving , I keep moving. If I quit moving I rust. I have a contagious enthusiasm that carries love and light in each and every breath.

We often identify ourselves by what we see and how we feel. How would you like to see yourself in a fresh new light and feel something magical inside?

Come out and support your local small business as they offer you this incredible opportunity to see yourself in a fresh new way.for more information, I am here for you. Sondra Lambert auraphoto.us@gmail.com

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