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The Sacred Feminine and Our Path of Healing with Jennifer Rebecca Schauer

Jennifer Rebecca Schauer | Spiritual Guide & Healer @ Hearts & Sol Wellness

200 Country Club Dr. Oak Island, NC 28465. 910-228-1035
Please call with any questions, 910-946-1368.

The Sacred Feminine and Our Path of Healing

Date: 6 Week Series beginning Thursday August 5th
Time: 6:00-7:15pm
Workshop Fee: $240 | Drop-in: $40 per session
Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle to keep hydrated, and a journal for reflection.

OVERVIEW: This is a 6 week series intended to open the sacred heart. We will embrace our divine empowerment, and hold ourselves in love. While each class will be intuitively guided, we will open, receive, give and heal through guided meditation, animal spirits, invoked joy, Reiki, mantra, chanting, pranayama, passage readings from scholars, poets and mystics, journaling, and sharing of wisdom

MEET YOUR GUIDE: Jennifer Rebecca Schauer is a spiritual guide and healer. She is a writer, poet and mystic. She is a teacher, scholar and activist. She has over 20 years of asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation experience. She has been intentionally working with energy since 2019, when she began Reiki. Jennifer holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, with a specialization in Animal Studies. She has taught about nature, our environment, and nonhuman animals at Michigan State University and Boston College. Currently she teaches gender and family, at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. Her research, writings, and publications focus on human coexistence with wild animals, indigenous cosmology, animals as kin, ancient traditions and the sacred feminine. She is chair elect for Animals and Society of the American Sociological Association and Faculty Editor, Chair and Co-founder of the Student Journal for Vegan Sociology housed with the International Association of Vegan Sociology. She lives in Oak Island, North Carolina, with her feline children, Serendipitous~her Egyptian Goddess and Mitsy~her fairy Godmother.

What a Typical 3-hour Class Looks Like: We come together in Sacred Circle. In the center, there will be a bowl of items to choose from for inspiration. We begin with a talking-stick share of one to two minutes voicing where you are emotionally or ph

$40/week per person/$240 for 6 weeks. Limited to 6 women of the heart, with an intention to hold a space of intimacy for our journey. Thursdays from 6-7:15pm at Hearts and Sol, upstairs, at the fireside. Begins Thursday, August 5th, and continues consecutively through Thursday, September 9th. Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle to keep hydrated, and a journal for reflection. Please call with any questions, 910-946-1368.

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