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The Seven Healing Chakras and The Endocrine System Level II

The Seven Healing Chakras and The Endocrine System Level II is a journey into the energetic healing components of the Chakra System, an ancient system of healing born out of Ayurvedic Medicine, a system that heals with natural foods, movement, sleep and herbs. We will review the history of the Chakras as well as its evolution into western medicine from Level I. The Chakra System (pronounced Ch as in church) is a system that can be used in any work or personal environment to elevate the integrity of the work and raise the space’s vibrational level.  In this Level II advanced Chakras class, we will focus on movements designed to enhance each Chakra and incorporate foods to strengthen immunity and hormone balance.  We will also discuss essential oils, and herbs relevant to each organ related to each Chakra. You must have completed The Seven Healing Chakras Level I course in order to register for Level II.  If you have significant training in chakras but have not completed the Level I course, registration may be an option upon discussion with instructor.

Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Define the Chakra System and its properties
  • Explore, evaluate and discuss the connection between the Chakra System and the healing process for the mindbody
  • Explore, create and demonstrate Chakra assignments that will enhance each Chakra’s wellbeing
  • Explore and Integrate the main theme of each Chakra into a working system with activities and assignments
  • Identify and name the anatomical systems and organs that are in each Chakra
  • Identify foods, oils and herbs that bring balance to each Chakra, their organ relationship and the body system that is most aligned with said Chakra
  • Recognize the emotional impact of each Chakra on the mindbody employing artistic experiments and scientific knowledge

September 11-12th
16 ce’s
9:30am – 5:30pm


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