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Yin and Yang: Musings from Rhonda Purvis

I am staring at the Yin Yang symbol this morning. It’s a whole circle – a round continuum made up of two distinct parts. One light teardrop- one dark teardrop nestled one against the other- kind of spooning. The Yin Yang circle seems to move – seems to dynamically spin. Within each teardrop there are smaller circles. On the dark side there is a small dot of light. On the light side there’s a small dot of dark. Simple- profound- ancient.  One can visually take the symbol in- in its entirety -in an instant. This flash to the eyes, bypasses thought and goes straight to the heart, igniting an understanding that transcends language. There is a kind of feral knowing in an instant- this knowing is bigger than me-timeless- mythic. 

    The Yin Yang image depicts a wholism essential to life. The seed of light within the dark- the seed of dark within the light- always forever birthing each other – Co creating each other – interchangeable -interdependent -inseparable. A zero point of creation. 

   On a molecular level, each and every human cell, trillions of them in our bodies, have a + and a – charge- a positive and a negative charge that creates a spin- a charge that moves us. Cells with charge, electricity or frequency are alive and cells without charge, electricity or frequency are dead- simple. Charge and light emitting electricity that is measurable means life. 

   This interplay between + and – creates radiance or life force -so yes life is light- but light within the dark- defined by dark, inseparable. Death being an integral part of that light and life being birthed anew constantly. We shy away from considering death and the dark.

    The next generation of leaves on trees depend on death- trees releasing oxygen- exchanging CO2 as we breath in and out- as the tree’s breath US in and out. These trees are nourished from last Fall’s decomposing fallen leaves- these dead leaves add warmth and shelter to tender new seeds deep under winters ground. Life and death in a spiral. Life and Death dark and Light within the Yin Yang symbol. Dark and death integral and necessary to light and life itself. Our bodies magnetic field mimicking Earths, pulling a + charge from air above and a – charge drawn up from the Earth below, the spiritual litterly meeting the material in these Earth suits!  

    We have devalued the dark in our world, in our culture.  We have villainized the dark –denied the Devine Feminine, feeling side, of the equation, disowned the power here. Darkness devalued and judged has been sent down the same old road of Good VS Evil. This devaluation is not life affirming, sensible or sustainable.  Death and dark are factual parts of our experience. The whole gamut of polarities – of light and dark- can propel us when bravely processed authentically, to continue down the rabbit hole, to a place of wholism- of authentic unity consciousness. Positive and negative both essential.

    This new age idea of Unity Consciousness -this age of Aquarius- All is One, reboot we are experiencing globally- can find fertile ground- if we can find a new language, a new way to discuss the paradox of being energetic beings in a physical body. A new sense of wholesim can end the war of up/ down better than separatist habits. 

     We need a new vocabulary. Falling back into habit language- win /lose – hierarchal language high/low- war language.  One side of the equation desirable the other not. This is the same old story that our old paradigm is caught up in- light versus dark- good VS evil. The same old good and evil story told from a different angle using some new trendy words like- high vibe -high frequency-ascension.

    As a Lightworker and Energy worker I feel the need for a new language to talk about what we do or at least a clarification so that we don’t devolve into good vs bad -light vs dark- high vs low hierarchal comparisons and talk. I’m guilty of this too!  I want to say as an Energy Worker I help facilitate a change in others frequency. I’m breaking up with the idea that high frequency is the only desirable frequency that I must strive to always maintain no matter what! Trying to figure out how not to generalize up or down as good or bad is difficult. We have to be able to make comparisons to consider what is being offered, to taste what is being shared and we all live with the polarities as humans, so we describe ideas with comparisons.     

     An authentic unity consciousness would not devalue or villainize the dark or the lower frequencies. All and everything here is of love- created by love -experienced for and by love.  Love says “Yes”, to all frequencies -to all light or absence of light- yes to all emotions as guidance. All Is One -not some and no cherry picking!!

     I feel it’s this devaluation of the dark that has gotten us into this extreme imbalanced place, everywhere within our culture.  Afraid of the dark and the unknown and mysterious, we villainize the dark and what can’t be controlled. This talk about light being better than dark -high frequency being better than low frequency-ascension is better than being earthbound- all of this hierarchical thinking keeps us stuck. All of these good and evil -right and wrong- all or nothing separatist thinking, are habits ingrained in us for 1000 of years.

     Separatist thinking cannot be a part of all is one Unity Consciousness. I’m not championing a unity that denies individuality- I feel a true unity would see each of us original- as absolute, fingerprint specific, rare diamonds and miraculous! Each and every part of the whole on purpose and inherently worthy-every original, human life in all its individual, personal glory -necessary. No cookie cutter control or dystopian uniform sameness. I imagine sovereignty for all conscious beings.   Right now, our age old, Good VS Evil paradigm we have all been marinated in and subjected to from the world’s philosophies are deeply ingrained and in play in our world.  Unity consciousness says- as above so below -all is one. 

    When anyone begins to talk about unity consciousness as a Lightworker or Energy Worker and then just immediately jumps into expressing through habitual “war” language – of light V dark- high vibe VS low- high frequency VS low frequency – ascension VS groundedness -my whole system goes on alert. Expressing energy work with old paradigm language and concepts of Good Vs Evil does us harm, causes more separation and anxiety. Feelings of not enough push humans into an unnatural unsustainable position of grasping after” higher” and “better” psychic power over – pushing the ego right out of all is one unity consciousness- out of self-compassion- out of the present and out of innate belonging.  Hierarchal thinking camouflages the very real vibration of love.

     Moonlight is the real champion of bringing light to shadow. When the full moon shines there is no dark and so darkness is revealed -shadow is revealed- animals, parasites, creatures of all kinds are active on full moon lite nights. Tides and water levels are different – water levels rise- passions rise. The moonlight reveals our shadows just as high noon makes a long cartoon shadow on the beach during the day from the light of sun. What if Sun and Moon were considered equals in their roles of nurturing Planet Earth? 

   The moon and her monthly striptease can be frightening. The moon in her new moon phase when she completely disappears and is dark can feel threatening. She is changeable -she is not afraid to change -she is not subject to status quo thinking. 

    The reflected light of the sun from the moon is what all the plants and trees metabolize here on planet earth. We consume sunlight reflected by the moon- metabolized by fruits and flowers.  As the tree’s breathe us out and we breathe them in, our planet’s upper atmosphere and all of life is protected from burning up from the power of the sun. All of this orchestrated in a fluid balance, ever changing. The dark and the light both absolutely essential to our wellbeing -to our continued being here on planet earth as bio spiritual ecologies.

    Some transformation only happens in the dark. As babies in momma belly, we begin in total darkness. Devaluing the dark takes half of our experiences and says they are bad.  Stirs up and rejects emotional guidance and wisdom as good or bad.  Devaluing the dark creates separation and trauma in our souls and physiology. Devaluing the dark can lead to spiritual by passing and creates power leaks.  Devaluing darkness and lower frequency create right or wrong thinking, cuts us off from the power of wholism- creates win/ lose tendencies beliefs and actions.

    Wholism says yes to the dark and yes to the light. We are here to be  a witness to both/And. We are here to learn balance and to surf the polarities just like our amazing Earth. A living entity, our Earth, our mother – Gaia whose resilience and ability to cycle through all seasons is not ascension, not good or bad- she just changes to find the ever-moving balance of a fluid dynamic, alive sate. Change is her nature and Gaia is absolutely comfortable in the skin she’s in. 

    Our limited human egos think, – “Oh no! Change is dangerous -I want status quo!”- and so therefore we have unwisely learned to devalue the dark -the mysterious- the unknown. Our very fleet protector parts leap to ideas of persecution. And so here we all are trying to speak about our co-creative prowess, and we can’t help ourselves from using separatist ideas-war language between light and dark. 

     There are wars inside our tender hearts. We want to grasp and avoid and ignore the things that hurt – we are actually programmed to forget trauma. But our bodies keep score- the memory impacts our imprints and affects us deeply- all from feelings generated by the heart- either fully felt or repressed. Fully feeling every feeling as information that is holy will bring us into an authentic experience of ourselves in the world and free us to co- create with one and all – will bring us into this new Age of Aquarius- this brave new world imagined. We become sovereign when Unity consciousness comes true.

13 thoughts on “Yin and Yang: Musings from Rhonda Purvis”

  1. Beautifully written! This unity in oneness and honoring our value individually, is the dance. Letting go of the habitual judging parts that crave, strive for defining to understand and just BE…Authentically…all. My favorite line, “ I’m breaking up with the idea that high frequency is the only desirable frequency that I must strive to always maintain no matter what!” Amen, soul sister!🤟🏻❤️🙌🏻 That’s a “Hell Yes!” From me! ~In the Journey, loving every part in Cali.

  2. “Out beyond right and wrong there is a field, I’ll meet you there…” Rumi (I did not verify this quote – but for those who know it, you know what I’m trying to say).

    Rhonda – I am going to read this again as there is a lot of thought and nuance and I think this is like Brene Brown getting fascinated with shame. This is speaking a cosmic voice. Thank you for turning your awareness and noticing.

    1. That quote from Rumi is one of my favorites – I had it engraved on the wooden pedestal of a globe gifted to hubby when we were first married many moons ago,
      So much an anthem for individuality and responsibility !!

  3. Perfect! Beautifully expressed and put forth…and of course, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
    Deny duality! Both/And baby 💕

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